The wedding is a beautiful occasion; this beautiful knot is not decided by us it is decided by God. In each and everyone’s life, the wedding day is one of the best memorable days of their life. One can cherish the photos from this special day. A unique photo memory album exclaims everything. A2Z photo booth service provides a list of the duplicate photo strips. In other words, it can be said that a photo strip in the album and the other strip to go home with the other guests. There will be no confusion to choose which photos to keep. Additionally, the folks can keep the leaving notes, advice including the fun comments. This is one of the greatest memories; most cherished one and the moments from the wedding day. The presence of the photo booth attendant assures everything will run smoothly and also assist the guests’ compiling with the album. The major goal is to get all the folks in the photo booth. Having more fun at the photo booth at the wedding; the folks will talk about it in the future. If there is no photo booth then it is one of the biggest regrets of the life.